LIVE REVIEW: Godsmack and Staind Co-headline Summer Tour 2023 (2024)

PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on July 29th

As the summer heats up here in New Jersey the summer concert season does too. On the heels of New Jerseys’ first real summer’s heat wave, rock fans from all over the state flocked to the PNC Bank Arts Center to see the hard rock music greats – Godsmack and Staind.

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Written by Andris Jansons

First one came Mix Master Mike. DJ that has worked with many great artists and is mostly known for his work with Beastie Boys. While it might be a surprising choice for a DJ to open a rock show, it was perfect. Besides all the Beastie Boys hits, Mike played many rock and metal big hits to get the crowd going. He is also very familiar to the Godsmack fans as at least for the last two or so years he is the face of the intro that is played before Godsmack takes the stage.

LIVE REVIEW: Godsmack and Staind Co-headline Summer Tour 2023 (2)
LIVE REVIEW: Godsmack and Staind Co-headline Summer Tour 2023 (3)
LIVE REVIEW: Godsmack and Staind Co-headline Summer Tour 2023 (4)

And if there was anyone left in the crowd that needed an energy jolt, mother nature certainly stepped in to help with some thunderstorms rolling into the area. Just before Staind was supposed to take the stage one large storm finally reached the theater. One strong lighting strike shook the air and a downpour with gusty winds followed. Fans looked for shelter. However, there were quite a few that took it as a challenge or some extra experience and stayed out in the open celebrating each wind gust. Thankfully it was over fast enough, and it delayed the show only for about 20 minutes.

Staind is a well-seasoned rock band from Massachusetts, that has been around since 1995, with two stints in hiatus from the public eye. The band’s vocalist Aaron Lewis has released an extensive solo music collection and made some headlines for political opinion reasons.

The band opened with a brand-new song “Lowest In Me” from the upcoming album “Confessions Of The Fallen”. They followed with a few more up-tempo hits like Not Again and Just Go. I will certainly not draw favorites here, but for many Staind is bellowed because pf their ballads, and just by the middle of the set and Aaron’s solo of Epiphany, one of the biggest ones followed – Right Here. It wasn’t a long wait for all to indulge in dancing and singing to the other two – So Far Away and It’s Been Awhile. The set was properly wrapped up with thunderous Mudshovel.

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See full photo gallery of Staind performance here.

Fellow Massachusetts rockers Godsmack’s set was also delayed because of an earlier thunderstorm. Day earlier in the Camden, NJ the band had to cancel their set due to the stormy weather. A white curtain covered the stage, and as mentioned earlier it was used as a screen to display Mix Master Mike’s intro of the Godsmack.

After proper Godsmack went straight to business with When Legends Rise and Cryin’ Like A Bitch. The third song 1000hp came with a proper stage flame thrower display.

Earlier in February of this year, the band released their eight-studio album called “Lighting Up The Sky”. Band performed three songs from latest release – You And I, What About Me and Surrender. Rest of the setlist stretched through the whole discography.

Of course, we had THE BATALLA DE LOS TAMBORES. A drum battle between bands vocalist Sully Erna (who is former drummer himself) and drummer Shannon Larkin. The biggest winners here of course were fans. Some snippets from rock and metal biggest hits played during the battle included Walk This Way, Back In Black, Enter Sandman and more.

For the encore the band played Under Your Scars, the song that addresses mental health issues. with Sully on the piano that had a link to the , a charity organization started by Sully Erna. Such emotionally powerful moment was transformed into powerfully aggressive ending with bands mega hit I Stand Alone that was accompanied with a lot of flames.

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See full photo gallery of Godsmack performance here.

The tour will continue for the rest of August. Get your tickets here :

Wed Aug 02 – Scranton, PA – The Pavilion at Montage Mountain

Thu Aug 03 – Syracuse, NY – St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

Sat Aug 05 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Pavilion at Star Lake

Sun Aug 06 – Buffalo, NY – Darien Lake Amphitheater

Tue Aug 08 – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage

Wed Aug 09 – Detroit, MI – Pine Knob Music Theatre

Thu Aug 10 – Chicago, IL – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Sat Aug 12 – Indianapolis, IN – Ruoff Music Center

Sun Aug 13 – Milwaukee, WI – American Family Insurance Amphitheater

Wed Aug 16 – Salt Lake City, UT – USANA Amphitheatre

Fri Aug 18 – Nampa, ID – Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater

Sun Aug 20 – Ridgefield, WA – RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater

Thu Aug 24 – Irvine, CA – FivePoint Amphitheatre

Sat Aug 26 – Las Vegas, NV – Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Sun Aug 27 – San Diego, CA – North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre

Thu Aug 31 – Austin, TX – Germania Insurance Amphitheater

LIVE REVIEW: Godsmack and Staind Co-headline Summer Tour 2023 (2024)


Is Godsmack good live? ›

Sully Erna's voice is as fantastic as ever and leaves an impact on the souls of the audience. Equally, Shannon, Tony and Robbie pour their hearts into their performances creating powerful music! Here's the setlist (and playlist of their hits!

Who is opening for Godsmack 2023? ›

Direct support on the new dates will be provided by either Atreyu or I Prevail, with Flat Black (featuring former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook) opening all dates.

How long is Godsmack and Staind concert 2023? ›

Rock heavyweights Godsmack and Staind will hit the road together on a Summer 2023 US tour, running from mid July through late August. The 25-date outing kicks off July 18th in St. Louis, Missouri, and wraps up with an August 31st show in Austin, Texas.

How long does a Godsmack concert last? ›

Doors open at 6pm and the performance is expected to last until approximately 11:00 pm.

Is Godsmack sober? ›

Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin is coming up on eight years of sobriety and recently spoke at length with Spin about his sober life.

What does the band name Godsmack mean? ›

Many people think the band's name stemmed from an Alice in Chains song, but according to Erna, the band's name came from a small and personal incident. "I was making fun of [our drummer at the time] who had a cold sore on his lip and the next day I had one myself and somebody said, 'It's a god smack. ' The name stuck.

Is Godsmack a religious band? ›

Sully Erna, the lead singer of Godsmack, has acknowledged he is a practicing Wiccan. Critics have called him a devil worshipper, to which he has said: “We also don't worship Satan; he is a Christian creation and they can keep him. Wicca doesn't work with fear. It's about your own consciousness and doing what's right.”

Who is Godsmack's lead singer? ›

Sully Erna, best known as singer and main songwriter of acclaimed rock band Godsmack was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts. He has been a musician since the tender age of 3 years old, where he began his musical journey as a drummer.

What is an intimate evening with Godsmack? ›

Enjoy an intimate evening with acoustic and electric performances of your favorite hit songs like “Awake,” “Voodoo,” “Speak” and “I Stand Alone” along with untold stories from the band! View seating map and Mystic Showroom information.

Does Godsmack and Staind have an opening act? ›

Godsmack and Staind have also announced additional tour dates for this Fall with opening support from hard rock legends like I Prevail, Atreyu and Jason Hook (formerly Five Finger Death Punch) new band Flat Black. You can view additional tour dates on Godsmack's website.

Who opens Staind or Godsmack? ›

Godsmack and Staind have announced Nothing More as the openers for the majority of their upcoming summer tour. Nothing More will join the trek between July 18 and August 13, allowing the original duo to wrap things up on their own.

Who is opening for Godsmack 2024? ›

Special guest Bastian Da Cruz will play in support, with the first leg scheduled to kick off February 15th in Catoosa, Oklahoma, while the second leg will launch April 9th in Valley Center, California. Tickets will go on sale with an Artist presale beginning Wednesday, November 29th at 10 a.m. local time.

Does Godsmack do meet and greets? ›

We carry a variety of VIP Godsmack entertainment packages that include pre-event hospitality such as a private upscale dinner or tailgate party, first class limousine service, deluxe hotel accommodations, VIP parking, celebrity autograph and meet and greet sessions, gift items and more.

How old is Godsmack? ›

Godsmack is a hard rock/alternative metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States which formed in 1995. The band comprises founder, frontman and songwriter Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin.

Is this godsmacks last tour? ›

The band will rock the Vibrant Arena in Moline, Ill., on Sept. 28, 2023. Erna and his bandmates have recently announced that their new album, “Lighting Up the Sky,” will be their last as Godsmack. With that, the band will no longer need to do the cycle tours that have followed each of their eight studio albums.

Who does Godsmack sound like? ›

In an interview with MTV upon the death of Alice in Chains lead singer Layne Staley, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna stated that Staley “was single-handedly the guy that got me to start singing.” Erna went on to later confirm that indeed “God Smack” is the inspiration for the bands name and the reason their sound sounds ...

What kind of group is Godsmack? ›

Godsmack is an American rock band founded in 1995 by singer Sully Erna and bassist Robbie Merrill. The band has released eight studio albums, one EP, two compilations, three video albums, and thirty-four singles.

Where do the members of Godsmack live? ›

Larkin, in a phone conversation, says that he and Rombola both live in Florida, and the rest of Godsmack live in Massachusetts, which results in the musicians writing music separately, and then “putting the pieces in a pot to make a new Godsmack album.

Is Staind or Godsmack headlining? ›

Godsmack And Staind Announce Co-Headlining 2023 Tour - Live Nation Entertainment.


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